• Business Networking
    Why Networking is a MUST DO for Lead Generation

    As we move our interactions and transactions online, we often forget how important human connection is. As humans and as we are social creatures, it is not about B2C or B2B but it is about H2H – human to human connections. As part of my lead generation schedule, I attend at least one networking event Read More

  • Ideal Customer
    How To Identify Your Ideal Customer In 8 Steps

    Who is your ideal customer? A potential client sought my assistance because she wanted to attract more students to her experiential language classes. She wanted me to have a look at her whole operation (online & offline) and then make recommendations on what improvements she can make to help her attract more students. So I Read More

  • images-linkedin-community-cover-page-2
    4 Magic Ingredients To Make LinkedIn Work For Your Business

    Here, we share the 4 magic ingredients to make LinkedIn work for your business. LinkedIn is just like any social media platform in that you have to use it strategically and methodically to generate business from it.   1. YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE   In B2B your profile is key. In B2B transactions you need face Read More

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