• Why Networking is a MUST DO for Lead Generation
    Business Networking

    As we move our interactions and transactions online, we often forget how important human connection is.

    As humans and as we are social creatures, it is not about B2C or B2B but it is about H2H – human to human connections.

    As part of my lead generation schedule, I attend at least one networking event per month.

    And this is exactly what happens when we network. We establish connections at the H2H level which creates more meaningful and lasting impressions.

    This was borne out last week when I was at the INNOVEST SME stand at the B2B EXPO at Darling Harbour in Sydney.

    Although it was hard work, I really enjoyed making connections with so many fascinating people and learning about their amazing and innovative businesses.

    Personally, I love learning about other peoples’ businesses and what make them tick. This natural curiosity lent itself to having stimulating conversations at the event with so many inspiring entrepreneurs.

    Here are some of the excellent companies that I connected with over the course of those hectic two days.

    GoDaddy is a leading US publicly listed domain registration and web hosting company. It is a company that I admire and continually refer to my clients because of their excellent customer service.

    Jab-Aerospace is an Australian technology company currently developing an unmanned aerial multirotor drone with the capability for heavier payload, longer flight time hours, fight distance of 60 kms and bullet proof.

    Adatos.AI a US data science company who specialises in building intelligent learning machines for big data analysis. They have their own proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology which is based on recently declassified technology developed within the US Intelligence community.

    CorpLinkz an Australian-Indian company who provides an innovative and dedicated video centric platform that allows companies to engage their audiences in a more meaningful way. They may yet become the youtube of the corporate world!

    Periop Partners from Melbourne has developed an industry leading online platform that helps medical practitioners with multiple locations to manage and resource their practices more efficiently. Their platform has global scalability so much so that they have had a buyout offer already.

    Big Review TV is an online TV company that started at home on Sydney’s northern beaches and provides a platform for business promotional videos and video reviews. They are now a publicly listed company with a valuation of $120 million. WOW!

    Ey-Si-Dyi is a Trading Corporation who is launching a wholesale battery supply operation for warehouse machineries in Australia.

    Attache Software is an Australian company established in 1981 and a leading provider of accounting software to medium sized business in Australia.

    Muzaara is a provider of intelligent marketing but simple to use platform to create and manage your online advertising on Google Shopping, Bing and Facebook.

    Exclusive Nursing Australia is a company that provides exclusive and professional home based nursing solutions. As Australia’s population is rapidly ageing this is a very timely venture.

    And of course, there is INNOVEST SME. They are a business incubator and provider of business acceleration programs to help businesses fast track their growth.

    Plus many, many more …..

    Keep in mind though that the most important step in making these connections more meaningful is yet to come.

    That is the all important follow up. This is when the real business happens!

    And this is why my schedule is going to be full in the next few weeks catching up with the people I connected with.

    Happy Networking!

    About the Author
    Robert Leroux heads iSapience – a B2B & B2C Lead Generation, Customised Outsourcing & Managed Solutions and International Business Consulting Company. Since 2000, he has helped numerous Australian and international clients across many industries including: IT, Digital, Retail, FMCG, Advertising, Wholesale, Distribution and Logistics, Gaming, International Trade, Infrastructure and Governments.

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