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    4 Magic Ingredients To Make LinkedIn Work For Your Business

    Here, we share the 4 magic ingredients to make LinkedIn work for your business. LinkedIn is just like any social media platform in that you have to use it strategically and methodically to generate business from it.   1. YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE   In B2B your profile is key. In B2B transactions you need face Read More

  • International Business
    Diary Of An International Business Deal

    Two weeks into an international business trip negotiating and establishing a long term procurement and supply contract for our customer in China, things did not go exactly as planned. Frustrated that the contract that I have been negotiating for about three months with a supplier has been delayed due to lapsed permits. Missing family, missing Read More

  • Innovation vs Entrepreneurship
    Has The Innovation Policy Missed Its Mark?

    We are Excited! The ICT industry is Excited! With the government’s “Innovation Policy”, we finally have a government that recognises the importance of technology innovation to our future prosperity. If you have not done so, you can check it out here: But has the government’s Innovation Policy missed its mark? In reading the government’s Read More

  • Dashboard App
    How We Created A Dashboard App To Run Election Campaigns: A Case Study
    • by dev-site
    • March 13, 2016
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    “Managing an election campaign is akin to running a war room. It is an organisational and logistical challenge.” This is a case study that I want to share with you on how we identified an opportunity and created our Geo Spatial Automated Election Campaign Management System (ACMS) App. As this case study shows and given Read More

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    In B2B Your Profile Is Key
    • by dev-site
    • November 09, 2015
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    In B2B transactions you need face to face interactions. The bigger the project the more interactions you will need to have with your potential client. In a research published in Gartner by Barnes and Nova on “Effective Sales Interactions Guide Buyers Forward Through Insights and Added Value”, they identified “Direct Interaction with the Provider” as Read More

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