Email Marketing and CRM Management

With our email marketing and CRM management we help create effective and stand out email campaigns to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness with your customers. 

Email marketing can be done to your current customer database or a list that you purchase from a third party.

Contrary to what some people are saying, email’s popularity is still soaring.

“The average number of business-related emails sent and received is set to soar, from 121 each day in 2014 to at least 140 each day in 2018.”The Radicati Group.

The popularity of emails presents both an opportunity and a challenge.

We can help you execute a social media campaign to grow your customer database as well as create a look a like database of your existing customers using Facebook paid advertising.

We can work with you in all facets of your email marketing and customer database management.

As a first step, we will sit down with you to understand your email marketing goals and the status of your customer database. We will then work with you to:

  • develop your email campaign strategy;
  • design your email templates using best email practices;
  • choose the best email marketing platform for your business;
  • source customers’ list;
  • manage your current customer list; and
  • set up your customer relationship management (CRM) system so you can connect with your customers over and over again.

We are more than happy to chat with you on an email marketing and CRM management solution that is geared towards your business needs.




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