B2C Facebook Lead Generation

B2C Facebook Lead Generation That Drives Business To Your Business


With more than 15 million Australian users and 1.6 billion globally, we run highly targeted B2C Facebook lead generation ad campaign to drive leads to your business. Facebook is just too big to ignore for any business of any size. Let’s look at the statistics:

Besides its huge number of active users, here are other benefits why your business should be using Facebook advertising.

  • Reach highly engaged users on their mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop;
  • Highly targeted audience segmentation that allows you to target users by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behaviour and connections.
  • Tap into user purchase behaviour, life events, custom audiences and create look alike audiences who are similar to your own audience.
  • Ability to have creative control over your advertising creatives and go to market with new images quickly.
  • Ability to measure and do A/B testing to see which advertising collateral is performing the best. 
  • Ability to track the traffic from your Facebook ad to your website.
  • Use “Call Button” allowing your audience to contact you in real time;
  • Access to Facebook Insights which allows you to understand how your customers are engaging with your ads.


Our B2C Facebook Lead Generation Ads Campaign


Facebook’s real strength is it allows any business of any size to run highly targeted paid B2C lead generation ad campaigns.

With our B2B Facebook lead generation advertising solution, we design, develop and manage your social media campaign on Facebook to generate leads to drive more business to your business. We help you:

  • Develop a social media strategy that is aligned to your business strategy;
  • Create a profile of your “ideal customer”;
  • Develop a paid social media campaign on Facebook that will get you in front of your customers and drive traffic to your website:
  • Choose an ad campaign objective that is aligned to your business goal;
  • Build a target audience and look a like audience of your “ideal customer”;
  • Create graphics, video and ad copy for your campaign;
  • Establish the right advertising spend;
  • Devise, test and run the highest converting ad campaign
  • Track the results of your ad campaign; and
  • Manage your overall paid social media campaign on facebook.

Dollar for dollar, Facebook currently offers the best value for your lead generation advertising dollar. You can start with as little or as much advertising budget as you want.

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