SEO Lead Generation Websites

SEO Lead Generation Websites


We offer the service of high ranking Google Page 1 rental websites from our portfolio of Lead Generation Websites that reach across all major business and trade sectors. We will likely to have something ready for you.

One of the main areas of difficulty most businesses have is ranking organically on Page 1 on Google for the most competitive search terms within their industry.

Cost and time can be prohibitive for most businesses to be able to properly invest in getting expert SEO & Lead Generation providers to assist in getting page 1 rankings to conquer digital lead generation that translates into financial success and growth.

We have already done the hard work – we have spent the last 12-24 months building a lead generation website that is ranking on Page 1 on Google targeted to your market.

You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to step in and benefit straight away from our Lead Generation Websites to access leads which come from multiple PAGE 1 high-yield search terms on Google specifically targeted to your industry.

Here is what one of our clients said about us:

“Like top 3 on Google for our crucial search term “make-up stands” out of 34 million results. And two results on the first page of Google for our other most crucial term “window display” out of over 40 million competitive results. We’d tried other SEO companies and they achieved absolutely nothing for us….. .After 50 years in the fashion business, getting this program underway with iSapience looks like being the best business decision we’ve ever made!”

Sue Young



Here is what you get with your SEO Lead Generation Website.

1. SEO Optimised

Industry-specific websites with a sole function of ranking high for key phrases & delivering qualified leads.

2. Commercial Design

With 25 years in media advertising, our website copywriters & designers provide the best in landing pages.

3. Powerful Backlinks

Each website has over 50 premium backlinks from high-power websites – an unshakeable foundation.

4. Eyeball Ready

Qualified psychologists worked with us on mapping out key sales trigger points to increase response rates.

5. Colour Options

We work with you to implement your key colours to subconsciously mirror and reflect your brand.

6. HiDPI Images

All images, while highest-resolution, are optimised with site speed in mind to be Googlebot-friendly.

7. Multiple High Ranking Websites

Can your business survive on just a handful of high-ranking search terms? Build a portfolio with us.

8. Video Integration

Based on years of A/B testing we will help you place your sales videos in the right positions for highest clicks.

9. XML Files Included

All the absolute essential SEO attributes are in place such as sitemaps and additional XML files.

Once another business has capitalised on these lead generation sites, we can’t offer them to you. It’s first come first served!

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can serve as an affordable time saving solution that enables your business to have access across top rankings multiple PAGE 1 high-yield search terms on Google.


SEO For Your Business Website


For your website, our search engine optimisation (SEO) is focused on building the ranking of your website by driving more traffic to it. More traffic equals more business.

We do this through the use of relevant keywords to build your website’s searchability, relevance and building your brand’s popularity and authority by linking your website to other quality and relevant websites and social media platforms.

Below is the process that we follow to build the searchability and relevance of your website.

1. Getting To Know Your Business & Strategy

This is the part where you do all the talking and we do all the listening. We want to know your story, everything about your business, your customers & your products or services.

We use this information to find out the Keywords relevant to your business & for us to build the content for your campaign.

2. Keyword Search & Relevance Of Your Website

It all starts with words typed into a search box. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. We work with you to learn which words and phrases are the most relevant to your website’s content.

We focus first on long tail keywords and then to short tail keywords.We then target these keywords for the SEO & lead generation campaign.

3. Building Your Website Relevance, Useability & Content

We look at the back end of your website to make sure it is search-engine friendly compliant. These include optimising your website to ensure that keywords are prominently used in titles, text, and meta data; have indexable content & searchable link structures.

We also set up tools to track page views, conversions & ranking.

4. Growing Your Website’s Popularity & Links

We build your website’s popularity through organic activities. We write high quality and relevant content, images & even create videos for your website.

We then distribute the content to relevant websites, image sharing site, press releases and engage audiences in industry & social media forums. We also do email marketing so you can stay connected with your clients.

Give us a call for a free no obligation chat. We are more than happy to show you the power of our Lead Generation Websites and SEO for your business website. 




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