What am I getting when using your High Quality Links?

We offer a powerful SEO service where you can access the power of a private blog network by renting permanent backlinks to your website.

The number of links you order will be the number of links you will be renting from us every month. For example, if you rent 15 links, then these 15 links only will remain live during the course of your subscription.

If you discontinue your subscription, the links will also be discontinued and ceased.

If you require a larger number of links, we are happy to discuss options but this is at our discretion.


Who can use our service?

If you are a solopreneur or business owner with your own website or a SEO agency servicing several businesses in different industries, our high quality links will add power to your link building strategy.

Our high quality links will yield outstanding results when combined with natural link building techniques such as guest blogging, social media signals and Web 2.0s.


Why do I need articles with each order?

Depending on the package that you order, your order includes the same number of high quality and unique 350-word articles. We hand-write these articles for you. For example, if you rent 5 links then you will get 5 unique 350-word articles only.

The most powerful backlinks to a web page are the ones written contextually. This means the link has to be embedded in an article and more specifically in a text section that’s related to the topic of the website it’s linking back to.

By hand-writing the articles for you, this guarantees the quality and relevancy of your links which are a vital component of search engine algorithms’ analysis of context.


Who provides the content for my links?

As we take great care in the quality of our links network, we use our own expert writers to write and curate the content for you.

This is to ensure that we maintain the high quality standards and compatibility of content across all sites.


How long does it take until my links go live?

We work hard to maintain the integrity of our network. We keep all our link building activities completely natural.

As such, all links are built in a systematic and structured manner over a number of days.


Are you able to show me the websites my links are posted on?

We strictly maintain the confidentiality and integrity of our links network. As such, we do not openly disclose any of the sites on our network until clients have been with us for 9 months.

There are ways to find out this information for yourself. We must stress however that all our clients are bound by a non disclosure and confidentiality agreement to maintain the security of our network.


Why are you limiting this opening to only 25 clients?

We work hard to maintain the quality and exclusivity of our network. Once we have the 25 clients on board, we will close the network to new applications.

This is to ensure that we keep the number of outbound links on our sites to a minimum to maintain the quality and power of our network.


What payment methods do you accept?

Our methods of payment for all orders are Paypal or with a Credit Card.

All orders are final. While we work with all our clients to ensure they are happy with our service, unfortunately do not offer refunds because of the time and effort it takes to process and on-board each new order.




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